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Club America Latina Introduction


Mentioning about Latin, anyone may have an image of fiery girls in brightly sexy costumes blending with the salsa, zumba, samba dances ... The passionateness and warmth of Latin American music is not only reflected in the diversity of the dance but also through their culture which extremely characteristic of these lands. Because of that, Club America Latina was officially present to show a true experience through refined essence of these lands.

Club America Latina – a tiny beautiful Latin American placed right in the heart of Hanoi capital. Found with cooperation and contribution of 11 Latin America countries: Venezuela, Uruguay, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Haiti, Cuba, Club is not just a place for customers to discover, understand and gathering but also the first cultural center of Hanoi – where honored to be held their National Day’s anniversary.

Ancient but not less elegance, stated on the green and peaceful street - Le Phung Hieu, Club America Latina is definitely separated by Hanoi noise. Club America Latina is like a beautiful little garden but no less luxurious with a cool green color, with the intention of expressing the freshness and refreshing of Latin America land. Among the green where featured colorful, the wall paintings are creative and modern which reflected in each corner here, through passionateness and exquisiteness of designers.

Club America Latina spent the second floor, otherwise is Private area for Ambassadors where they hold their own dinners/parties or gathering as Diplomatic Meeting on 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.

Club Latin America is an indispensable destination with the guests who always towards the new, open and harmonious style of Latin American.

Club America Latina is a cross between Vietnam and Latin America’s cultures. The culture’s specialties as well as the enthusiasm of the people of Latin America are not only reflected through subtle design in tiny antique interiors, which still show hot and exciting atmosphere, but also through professional service, dedicated, attentive staffs. We are always try our best to bring our customers the most exciting and enjoyable experiences as well as maximize their satisfaction of our services even the most demanding customers.

The main dining room accommodates around 50 and 60 guests, which is suitable for holding group parties with cozy, luxurious area.
Private room with an unique design and cozy space is suitable for small group or business meal from 10 – 20 pax.
We have a private area where you can relax and enjoy music with the finest cigars. We spend a room for cigars cabinet with the famous cigar brands such as Cohiba Esplendios Tubos, Piramides Selection, Montecristo Dantes Limited 2016, Partagas P2 Tubos, Trinidad Topes Limited 2016,...
Our garden area is well-suited for welcome cocktail parties with an open stage where you can do your own arrangement or afternoon tea break where you can relax after work and chat with your friends. Or big group size of buffet with a variety of dishes, which bring you the experience different taste. And there may be exhibitions, product launches or conferences in private and cozy space.

Joining us, we will take you to a tour without border through variety of flavors in different regions. Our presented from simple to complex dishes which cooked, tasted and experimented with direction and advices from native country guests. The experienced chef at Club America Latina has released their spirit with passion for their art – your dishes, not only gives the customers great taste but also details of presentation.
It’s not difficult for you with variety of dishes that can satisfy the hardest diners. For the foreigner guests, Vietnamese cuisine is a potential mysterious treasure waiting to be discovered.
It will be a simple breakfast – A hot stone bowl of Beef “Pho”, named Phở Phố Xinh and a cup of coffee to start a new energetic day. Or it will be a Grilled Chicken with honey sauce and young vegetables, which is charming, attracting right in the first bites. The sweetness of honey blends taste of chicken, combined with bold, fresh from fresh vegetables. Or it will be a French- classic style - Premium Australian Beef Tenderloin with pan-fried Foie Gras and gratin potato which will be Vietnamese gourmets’ satisfaction.There are many other delicacies waiting for the guests to discover, enjoy and share.
In addition, we also have set menus with selected dishes, which is easy for you. Fusion food which is the ancient story to refresh your taste.

Additional flavor to your dishes, a variety of beverage is an indispensable part of the journey to explore cuisines. Typical beverages such as the cool Cuban Mojito, Mexico's bold Margarita, the seductive Pinacolada or the sprightly Sangria of Spain, Pisco Sour with Peru's soothing, Caipirinha flare like Brazilian hot dance ... definitely make you crazy and impress.
Or a glass of wine can be perfect hint for your favorable meal. We have a wide selection of wines from house wines to premium wines, from famous wine regions. This will be a great combination to highlight the taste of dishes, which also makes your dinner more luxurious, romantic and sweet under candlelight.

Another highlight here is the open stage with different colors of music nights as Jazz or mild rhythm Pop-ballad or exciting  and sexy Latin… Let’s slowly sit back, enjoy and feel the deposition and relax after the busyness and hustle each day. Enjoying the music is also enjoying the sounds of life; the soul which  is expressed through the notes, the classic, lyrical or modern melodies from artists.

Have you had a chance to be in Latin America? If not, then come to us for the same adventure experience!