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H. upmann Half Coronas

H. upmann Half Coronas

Brand name: H. upmann

Length x size: 90 * 17.9 (mm)

Made in Cuba

Manufacture: Handmade

Shape: Petit Corona / Mareva

Appearance: Light brown shiny and smooth wrapper. Beautiful to look at. The sheen is stunning.

Smoking Notes:

  • Before lighting up: Light tobacco and rubbed leather with a hint of coffee. Similar fragrances from the wrapper and foot.
  • Burn/ Draw: Good burn, even and straight with an excellent draw.
  • Initial third: In the first third, the cigar greets you with a nice woody aroma and some hints of honey. Surprisingly, the tobacco and leather taste are discreet for now. Some spices are also there, but overall the flavors are sweet and a bit creamy because the honey is more prominent by the end of the first third.
  • Middle third: The second third goes on with the honey flavor but is also joined by some nice herbal and earthy aromas. The smoothness of the cream increases towards the final third and so does the spiciness of the pepper.
  • Final third: The final third brings up even more flavors alongside the cedar, cream, honey and spices. The hints of cacao that were in the background since the beginning of the cigar are more present, and now some nutty aromas are coming in the foreground as well. The final third is very rich and leaves a nice woody taste on the palate.

In summary, these cigars are small, affordable, and ideal for days when you are pressed for time and want to relax—but cannot afford an hour and a half to enjoy a stogie. The flavors and aromas are pretty good and the construction is great.

Smoking time: 30 - 45 Minutes