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Montecristo Dantes Limited 2016

Montecristo Dantes Limited 2016

Brand name: Montecristo

Length x size: 190 x 16.7(mm)

Made in Cuba

Manufacture: Handmade

Brand Strength : Medium to Full

Box Year : 2016

Appearance:  At first look the Dantes shows a stunning dark wrapper very elegant, uniform color without a single spot. Double bended with the classic Montecristo band, and an additional black and gold 2016 limited edition one. There are few veins but nothing that compromise the beautiful look of the stick. On the finger it feels very silky and quite oily.

Construction: The cigar is well rolled, the head holds the stick tightly and is perfectly applied therefore a straight cut turns to be a perfect cut. Merit of the high quality leaves used to construct this beauty. The pre-draw is great and we can already feel the Montecristo nature with that hearty and woody flavor so present even if the tobacco is not burning yet. The hash is solid and dark grey with garnet rims due to the high presence of oils in the leaves.

Flavor :     

  • Before light up: An explosion of flavors with earthiness, spices and cedar wood.
  • Initial third: The smoke filling up the entire palate which delivers a bomb of flavors. It’s very subtle and gentle sweetness integrated in a nice and creamy texture.
  • Middle third: Cigar brings the taste notes of nuts, and coffee flavor with a hint of The strength has moved a little further and the flavor profile as all the rest of the elements remain constant and uniform. Going through the stick required smoker has some smoking skills since need to keep it lit and even at all time.
  • Final third: The last part is the most intense, the smoke becomes warmer and the strength increases to medium to full, giving a proper flavor journey in a typical Montecristo style. Plenty of hearty flavors alongside spices, wood and coffee with a nice complexity.
Overall Rating : The cigar was pleasant throughout the entire time, showing complexity of flavors and good quality leaves.