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Montecristo Puritos (5 pieces)

Montecristo Puritos (5 pieces)

Brand name: Montecristo

Length x size: 109 x 10.32 (mm)

Made in Cuba

Manufacture: Machine roll

Shape: Puritos

Appearance: The Montecristo Purito is a small machine made in Cuba; each of them is individually wrapped in cellophane and is packaged with band. The wrapper is of dark brown color.

Smoking Notes:      

  • Before lighting up: The cigar is pre-cut so no cutter is required for the Montecristo Purito. Wonderful smell exudes from the wrapper.
  • Burn/Draw: The construction of the Purito is very good and the cigar burns perfectly. Like any good thin cigar, the draw has just the right amount of resistance.
  • Initial third: The first third has ample aromas of wood, exotic spice and of citrus zest.
  • Middle third: The Purito becomes stronger in the middle third, as tones of burnt wood come forward, along with some coffee beans. In the background, the freshness from citrus pleasantly remains.
  • Final third: In the final third, the cigar releases lots of leather flavors and spices until the end. The Montecristo Puritos is a strong yet creamy machine-made cigarrito.

In summary, the Montecristo Purito is an ideal quick smoke, of very good quality and strong body that is perfect for a morning break.

Smoking time: 10 - 20 minutes