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Partagas Culebras

Partagas Culebras

Brand name: Partagas

Length x size: 146 * 15.48 (mm)

Made in Cuba

Manufacture: Handmade

Shape: Culebras

Appearance: The Culebras has a perfect construction. Its wrapper is soft and of brown Colorado color. The three cigars are twisted and perfectly intertwined. Partagas hand rollers did a great job once again. In a single word: Perfect.

Smoking Notes:

  • Before lighting up: Almost perfect cold draws. Very slight grassy and earthy tones.
  • Burn/ Draw: The cigar lights up with no efforts and very smoothly. The burn is awesome and the draw is still close to perfect.
  • Initial third: The first third is dominated by flavors of spice and smooth moist earth.
  • Middle third: During the second third, strong woody aromas of cedar are appearing alongside the barnyard, grassy taste. Spices are still there and very pleasant.
  • Final third: In the final third, some sweeter spices and leather notes appear. The flavors become stronger, full-flavored, as you reach the nub, but never overwhelming.

In summary, a relaxing kicks in the head. Lots of delectable flavors.

Smoking time: 45 - 60 Minutes