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Romeo Y Julietta Puritos (5 piece)

Romeo Y Julietta Puritos (5 piece)

Brand name: Romeo Y Julieta

Length x size: 109 x 10.32 (mm)

Made in Cuba

Manfacture: Handmade

Shape: Puritos

Prelight: It is not very firm and a little squishy. Prelight draw was a little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of sweet tobacco.

First half: On the first light, the cigar hit with some spice and some fruity sort of taste. It burned very quick, which could be a sign of an under-packed cigar. The first half is marked by spice and fruit, which really goes well with the coffee, as the coffee is a nice blend of nut and fruit flavors. The smoke is very creamy, again working very well with this coffee, as it's a thicker coffee. However, once re-lit some hay comes into play and kicks the spice out. Further, there is a very nice play of hay and fruit, which is really doing wonders with this coffee. Unfortunately this first half is burning way too fast.

Second half: The start of this half is pleasant. It's not great but simply pleasant. At this point, the ash is almost jet black, and is really cool looking. About half an inch into this cigar, the smoke is very toasty. The burn is wonky and has been wonky the whole length of the stick, but it never detracted the enjoyment.

In a summary, this cigar was not bad at all. The smoke production was pretty sizable for such a small stick. It was nothing but wrapper, as one tiny squeeze resulted in this cigar. Recommend this one to smokers who has limited time.

Smoking time: 20 minutes.